For the most part this "mini-review" will be some of my favorite snaps from this book, and some commentating about the photos.

(pic 1) The Head to toe JM on the left is to die for. I hope I can expand my JM collection more after seeing this coord. And on the right! It's Jun, that takes photos forHarajuku fashion walk.
(pic 2) Once again on the left with head to toe JM. It is very inspirational to me.
(pic 3) has made m want a BABY coat to wear as a main piece. It is the perfect cozy and casual coordinate.

(pic 3) Apparently the girl on the lefts dress is from ZARA! Can they release that again? It's gorgeous.

I have yet to come across a full scan of this book, but when I do I will link it here.

For whatever reason, the quality of these photos was destroyed while being uploaded to my photo host site, so sorry about that!