currently very happy because I GOT A JOB! I havent worked a real job two weeks paycheck and all that since 2021, so im excited to get back into a fairly new environment and to be able to fuel my raging shopping addiction.

If anyone else watched the Nintendo direct from yesterday, Style Savvy is back! Well, kinda. A new game called Fashion Dreamer will be coming out sometime this year! Made by the same studio that brought us the amazing Style Savyy series! I am really really looking forward to this game as I've played the games in the style savvy series to dust, and I cant wait to do it again! Also excitingly, the trailer for Fashion Dreamer has already shown us some lovely lolitas!

Thats it for now. Thanks for reading!


Working on tags again and I am really struggling. Ive been able to add a working function but it totally messes up the layout of the whole site and I suck at html/css wayyyyy to much to be able to fix it.I may just have to re-format the whole site, probably something like one center frame rather than two columns. Today I am hope to get the bones of the gallery site up and running and take photos for one of the sctions I plan to add. Eventually ill make buttons for it I think but for now ill just do text links for simplicitys sake.

on a fun note, Jun Utahiroba, from golden bomber has finally resumed activities after nearly two years. I've been obsessed with him forever so it is good news to me and their two most recent songs have been very fun, though I do think they may never go back to their rock music roots.

I have a meetup on the 19th that I am looking forward to but I need to sew a heart apron before then cuz its a valentines meet and i own no hearts or pinks at all. I could wear my red tartan Babydoll jsk but I really havent been feeling that cut lately so im planning to wear a gray check op from aatp and an apron. I want to write more entires about my sewing process so maybe I will try and do that for my next post if i remember/have time whilst sewing the heart apron.

so anyways, updates coming later, thank you for reading.


I have finally made myself a little blog site I'm happy with! For this site I used a template by Arlita,and edded my own little flares to it (aka i made it significantly more boring! but its what i do best so whatever.) I generally feel much more comfortable on my own site rather than my more easily accecable dreawidth so I hope to post here much more often. and eventually I would like to add a tags function so that my posts can still be located by specifics for when I do meetups, sewing, etc. Anyways happy and excited to see where I can keep taking this site and I hope some people will stick around to see aswell!
Have a good one.


Work in progress


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